Clear Pumps!


I was sent these shoes from! They let me pick 3 pairs and this was the first one I picked!

What girl doesn’t love shoes? What girl doesn’t love INEXPENSIVE shoes? What girls doesn’t love LOW heels? What girl doesn’t love head turning heels?

Okay, you get my point, theres nothing not to love about these heels (well maybe a little, Ill get to that later.)

I saw these heels featured somewhere and I thought YES LOW HEELS ARE BACK! YES TRANSLUCENT HEELS! I wanted a pair, but never saw this style at Forever 21 or any of the other bargain stores I frequent to get new shoes, but when offered me some for review they weren’t hard to find!

I received these shoes back in June.

These shoes are SUPER comfortable, look sleek, and its good for work & play! They don’t cost much, and the shipping will take you about 1-2 weeks, which isn’t bad considering how hard these are to find!

Now the cons. I have to say the price is definitely reflective in the quality. The bottom part of the heel broke on me, but I have to admit I got it caught in the bench I was sitting on and I pulled my foot out and that was the result… nevertheless I feel like a GOOD QUALITY pair of heels shouldn’t break like that. The upside is that they are still wearable and its pretty impossible for anyone to notice.

The translucent part of the heel started to rip, which I actually only noticed due to the pictures. This may be because I have wide feet, and just as a high note, these shoes are comfortable for those of us with duck feet 😉

I feel like the heel of the shoe is in the wrong place and it makes long standing uncomfortable. So these shoes are great for an event/job in which you plan to sit pretty most of the time. If you are going to be a bridal consultant on your feet all day this is not the right shoe for the occasion!

I will post more pictures/ootd featuring these shoes and a video on my YT channel as well (check it out!)

How do you like the shoe? I get LOADS of compliments for men and women alike!!!

❤ Holly Rose



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