LA in Austin OOTD

I went to Texas for a military ball with an old ROTC buddy and we decided to do some touristy things in Austin. My first stop was the HOPE OUTDOOR GALLERY and it was a piece of LA in Austin! I got some great pics! Decided to wear one of my favorite summer dresses on this hot & breezy day. This dress was a find at a small boutique called Bullseye Outlet across the street from California State University, Northridge and I only paid $9 for it!

Some things were on accident, like the OWL ALWAYS LOVE YOU pic I just wanted to stand next to the quote in front of the owl, but I look like I have wings & 2 halos!

The pic of the snake with the sword through it, I look like the sword is going through my neck!

My shoes are roughed up, I’ve done a news story at a dog park in these heels and getting around at the gallery was a bit of a hike too!





Dress: $9 at Bullseye Outlet in Northridge, CA

Shoes: $30 at Foreign Exchange

Hair: 21 Tress H – Loose wig (I cut it)







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